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Manhattan Institute

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"The Institute's intellectual capital far exceeds its financial capital, making it the most cost-effective organization of its kind. Although the impact of our ideas dwarfs our financial resources, we still need the latter. There is not a better bargain to be had."

— Walter B. Wriston

An investment in the Manhattan Institute is a demonstration of belief in the intellectual and moral ideals that our scholars advance: economic choice; individual liberty; the rule of law; free markets; and responsible governance. Your contribution also represents a uniquely American approach to social engagement, in which private citizens, foundations, and organizations direct their resources to the causes of their choosing. MI’s trustees, scholars, and staff deeply value this trust, your contribution, and the confidence it signifies.

With your support, MI will remain a source of fresh, market-oriented ideas that guide policymakers and inform the public debate about how Americans can best achieve healthier, more productive, and more fulfilling lives. Our senior fellows are key participants in the most crucial policy arenas at the local, state, and national levels.

MI’s quarterly magazine, City Journal, is widely regarded as one of the nation's premier outlets of urban policy, investigative journalism, and cultural affairs. Intelligent marketing—especially via social media—ensures that MI’s influence exceeds its resources many times over. And through our Young Leaders Circle (YLC), MI offers donors in their 20s and 30s a forum to discuss public policies, culture, and urban affairs—with their peers, and also with leading national thinkers and business leaders.

To give now, please review the sponsorship levels below or donate an amount of your choosing. To make a contribution via check, print and mail this form. We are grateful for your interest in our work, and thank you for your generosity to MI.

Manhattan Institute is a qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions to MI are tax-deductible. EIN #13-2912529

To donate via check, wire, or stock transfer, please complete this form

To request an information packet about MI, or if you have questions about how to support us, contact Phil Sabella at (646) 839-3317 or