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Manhattan Institute

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For years, MI has had a longstanding interest in promoting greater intellectual pluralism on our nation’s campuses, introducing students to perspectives on public policy, economics, limited government, and culture that they might not otherwise encounter. As a result of this effort, thousands of undergrads have had the opportunity to hear, many for the first time, arguments about the principles of economic choice and individual responsibility. 

With essential support from the Thomas W. Smith Foundation, the Manhattan Institute launched 'MI on Campus,' which sends MI senior fellows to campuses across the country at no cost to the host. Our fellows are experts in a wide range of subjects, from health care policy to education to gender and the family. 


Beth Akers

Senior Fellow

- ​Higher Education
- Education Financing

Brian C. Anderson

Editor, City Journal

- ​Quality of Life / Urban Crime
- Political Theory / Culture
- Net Neutrality

Alex Armlovich

Adjunct Fellow

- ​Housing, Land Use, Urban Economics
Mass-Transit and Transportation Alternatives
- The Sharing Economy

Oren Cass

Senior Fellow

- ​Energy Policy / Climate Change
- Regulatory Reform
- Poverty & The Safety Net

Dr. Tom Coburn

Nick Ohnell Fellow

- ​Medical Innovation / Regulation
- Pharmaceutical Pricing, Trade
- Medicare, Medicaid, & Entitlements

Jim Copland

Senior Fellow and Director, Legal Policy

- ​Law & Economics / Civil Justice
- Corporate Governance / Litigation Reform
- Overcriminalization

Daniel DiSalvo

Senior Fellow

- Public Employee Unions
- Pension Reform
- Post-Employment Benefits

Max Eden

Senior Fellow

- Higher Education Reform
- School Choice
- Early Education

Yevgeniy Feyman

Adjunct Fellow

- Drug Pricing / Health Care Quality
- Affordable Care Act
- Hospital Consolidation

Nicole Gelinas

Senior Fellow

- Urban Design / Infrastructure
- Public Transit Spending
Financial Markets / Banking

Howard Husock

VP, Research & Publications

- Housing Development
- Government Reform / Impact Investing
Social Entrepreneurship / Philanthropy

Steven Malanga

George M. Yeager Fellow & Senior Editor, City Journal

- Public-Employee Unions
- State & City Policy Reform
Business Issues

Judith Miller

Adjunct Fellow & Contributing Editor, City Journal

- National Security / Counterterrorism
- Free Speech & 1st Amendment
"The Story: A Reporter's Journey"

Mark P. Mills

Senior Fellow

- Energy & Environment
- Security & Emerging Technologies
- Internet & The Cloud / 
Venture Capital

James Piereson

Senior Fellow

- U.S. Political History
- Modern Conservatism & Liberalism
- Higher Education & Philanthropy


Chris Pope

Senior Fellow

- Affordable Care Act
- Medicare and Medicaid
- Entitlement Reform

Aaron M. Renn

Senior Fellow & Contributing Editor, City Journal

- Urban Issues
- Economic Development
- Transportation & Infrastructure

Brian Riedl

Senior Fellow

- Economic Policy
- Taxes
- Federal Budget

Charles Sahm

Director, Education Policy

- Education Reform
- Charter Schools


Alissa Yi
(212) 599-7000